Wellness Spa


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Irene Wellness Spot operates from Monday to Saturday, 10.00 to 19.00. Access to Spa area is allowed only to people over 16 years old.

Wellness Facilities

The new modern and stylish units of the new Irene Wellness Spot are located 20 metres from the pool area with garden and pool view .
Guests of Irene wellness spot can relax in the wellness area including Jacuzzi . Massages , bath steam and a sauna are available on request.
At the end of a lovely day, why not relax and recover in our Wellness facilities complete with sauna, , Hammam, and a quiet room with soft relaxation music.
Healthy vacation is a main part of our philosophy. We arranged a great environment so you can improve your health and vitality.

All of these benefits combined with the opportunity of a moment of rest from the distractions of daily life make hydrotherapy both physically and mentally therapeutic.

Hydromassage – Jacuzzi has popularized the ancient practice of water massage therapy for a new age. For thousands of years, people have been drawn to water that naturally springs from the earth. Relaxing heat, muscle stimulation, and lighter-than-air buoyancy relieve physical burdens and brighten the spirits. Researchers have observed the healing effects of hydrotherapy: improved circulation, decreased joint pain, and acceleration of the body’s natural healing processes. No scientific research is needed for these benefits: the instinctive comfort of settling into swirling water; the way stress seems to release itself into the steam, and the spring in your step after a hydrotherapy session in a Jacuzzi spa. Reflexology is based on the belief that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body. Hot tub therapy jets directed to pressure points in the feet can increase circulation and promote specific joint and muscular functions.


Tylo saunas are Made in Sweden in true Scandinavian craftsmanship. Today, just as they were half a century ago, our heating elements are examples of the very highest quality.

Steam Bath

Welcome to a world of pure, unadulterated pleasure. Tylo steam rooms have evolved from the luxurious hot baths of the Romans.
Unwind amid clouds of steam in the modern successors to the magnificent bathing houses of Ancient Rome. The gentle heat and penetrating humidity relax your body, easing muscles and soothing away the cares of the day. At the same time the steam cleans every pore, leaving your skin baby-soft and smooth. There’s no better way to feel rejuvenated, refreshed – reborn after a steam bath.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the best known type of massage in the west.It combines various hands-on technicks including gliding,kneading and effleurage.This full body massage will leave you refreshed and revitized.


Prices : 60 mintues/70 €, 75 minutes/80 €, 90 minutes/90 €

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is performed to the superficials layers of muscles and connective tissue to prevent or alleviate pain,spasms and stress and promotes relaxation and well-being.


Prices : 60 mintues/70 €, 75 minutes/80 €, 90 minutes/90 €

Antisress Massage

Antisress Massage is the massage that by definition is aimed to eliminate sings of stress on the body.In order to do that we use special antistress oil and rhythmic slow strokes to restore physical and mental balance.


Prices : 60 mintues/70 €, 75 minutes/80 €, 90 minutes/90 €

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to reach deep sections of muscles and release both toxins and deeply held tension of the joints.It is beneficial for chronic pain.


Prices : 60 mintues/70 €, 75 minutes/80 €, 90 minutes/90 €

Couples Massage

This massage for two, offers double benefits and double relaxation. A side by side massage by two different therapists.It is a lovely way to spend some time together with your partner.


Price : 60 minutes/90 €

Four Hands Massage

Two therapists work togheter on you at the same time.This combination restores a sense of calm to the entire body, mind and spirit allowing, you to find you inner peace.


Price : 60 minutes/90 €

If you’re interested about our Wellness Spa Facilities contact us